Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last Entry

Red buds are bright, just as they were a year ago when Mira died. Liam is a month old today. Hhe can hold up his head. he is well and strong. His parents are well and strong. They are happy. And they are parents who know grief. Mira will always be a mystery. I expect I'll always look at little girls with curls (and of course she might not have had curls at all) and wonder who she would/could have been. So much we'll never know. This has been a year of loss and love - and - AND - most healing word, and. I don't have to choose to feel one or the other.

This is my last entry in this blog. I'll close it out in a week or so. It has served it's purpose. I will continue to write at my general blog

Monday, March 2, 2009


Liam is real - a baby with long feet, a particular look in his eyes, a healthy appetite, sleeping patterns, a family that adores him. A baby. Our family's baby. Real. I had feared we wouldn't get this far, but we have. We are.