Sunday, February 22, 2009

Liam Chaim

William Chaim,
son of Ruth,
son of Chris,
I wish you
awe in face of wonders great and small,
beaches, butterflies, ball games
dreams that come true, dreams that don't,
friends, family, freedom,

William Chaim
child of light,
child of life,
I wish you
health,happiness, humility,
kindness, kisses, kinship,
love all your lifetime
magic moments, memories,
nights of peaceful sleep.

William Chaim,
child of wonder,
child of peace,
I wish you
openness of heart, mind, spirit,
problems to solve,
questions to ponder,
rest between achievements,
satisfaction in solutions
tenderness, trust,
victory, more often than defeat
work well done
excitement in everyday life
yearning to make a difference
zany zigzagging hope.

Liam Chaim,
child of our circle,
may you be a blessing.
May each of us here
be a blessing to you.
day in, day out,
dark times and bright
in love, moment by moment
as many days as we live.

Victoria Hendricks -
For Liam Chaim's naming - February 21 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Liam is one week old!

What a blessing. We will have his naming on Saturday, a sweet ceremony his parents have written. He is here, he is among us I find myself still occasionally waiting for the other shoe to drop. But it doesn't. Hasn't yet.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fifth Day of Life and Beginning to end this Blog

Liam is in his fifth day of life! Amazing. He was a mystery a week ago, and now he is still much of mystery, so much still to unfold - but I've held his hands and kissed his hair, nuzzled into the hollow of his neck. He went through a whole sleep wake cycle yesterday in Bob's arms and another in K.K.'s. I held his hands and cooed at him while he cried through a diaper change. I put one sleeper in the dirty clothes hamper and brought another sleeper downstairs. In short, he's home, healthy, here and I got to help take care of him and it doesn't get much better than that.

I started this blog to chronicle my mixed feelings of hope, anxiety, and grief when Ruth became pregnant with Liam soon after Mia's death. Grieving one grand baby while hoping for the safe birth of another was a definite passage, chronicled here now. It seems this blog has served it's purpose with Liam's safe arrival. I think I will keep it open until March 11, the anniversary of the day Rt uh began to bleed so heavily with Mira - a month after Liam's birthday. There seems a balance there.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Liam and Ruth and Chris are home - family of three - all well. Touches me so deeply

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More on the birthday boy

Liam is absolutely gorgeous - sweet. six pounds 3 ounces, I think. He has dark hair , a little more of it, and slightly deeper skin tone than Joanna's babies, All systems go Ruth and Chris both look great and the whole family is getting what looks like super care at the birthing hospital they chose. Joanna (newly and delightedly Auntie Jo Jo) and Bill Woodburn and Ruth's good friends Brynn and Todd visited shortly after Liam was born - stayed a bit - then let them all rest. I am overwhelmed with feeling now - joy delight relief. What a beautiful ittle family they make. Joanna and I had lunch at Super Salad and then she brought me to lunch, where I hope I will function adequately and not get up and dance in the middle of somebocy's serious session. Jo has an obstetrician's appointment right now, but expects it to be routine. We figure Andrea will come when she comes.

Liam is here - all's well!

LIAM IS HERE!!!!!!! Chris called me about eight thirty. Ruth is fine. Liam is fine - THey were still weighing and measuring when Chris called. He has light brown hair and I heard his sounds. He was holding Chris' finger - as the daddy proudly and so sweetly reported. HOORAY!!!!!!! Joanna called me at the time of the csection and we talked on the phone all through it - felt good to hold metaphorically onto her. Happy birthday LIAM!!!!! I am over the moon at the moment. Need to finish dressing to go meet my grandson.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The calm before

It is literally the calm before here - big storm expected during the night and baby Liam in the morning. I feel calm - which is probably all a defense mechanism, but I'll take it. I plan to get off the computer earlier than usual, watch some taped news shows on TV (Bill Moyers' Journal, NOW) and do some crafting - then go to bed early. Last night I felt calm, but just kept putting off going to bed - which was dumb. More self discipline in order tonight. Tomorrow night I'll share my first encounter with sweet Liam.

I've been thinking of Mira ore lately as her brother's birth approaches and as we see the very first pale signs of springtime. She died at redbud time last year, and the redbuds are still dormant this year, but I'm seeing a few blades of grass, white blossoms on the earliest fruit trees. Mira didn't blossom. We loved, wanted her so. Now her brother is almost opening bud in our hands - almost. Even after birth life is delicate. I knew that before Mira, but she reminded me.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wednesday, Frebruary 11, 2009

will be Liam's birthday. He is staying transverse, so his birth will be early in that morning by c section. We all seem to be ready - and excited.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mira Moment

Last winter, about this time, when Ruth was pregnant with Mira, K.K. her beloved way ore than just a niece, then eleven, purchased a little sock elephant to give to Ruth for Mira at the baby shower. Precious little elephant, that comes withthe standing joke that Grandma (me) was dumb enough to initially think it was a mouse. After Mira died, K.K. agonized about what to do with the elephant, who then resided in my dresser drawer. When Ruth became pregnant withLiam, K.K. still agonized - not sure whether this elephant could belong to a different baby - especially a BOY baby. She had looked forward to being a big girl cousin care giver to a little girl like her auntie was to her. She decided though, to give the elephant to Liam - and did so, first happily - then just disolving into tears in Ruth's arms. We all miss Mira. We all always will.

Still waiting

I want Liam in Ruth's and Chris' arms - It''s so hard to trust he'll get there safely and all will be well and stay well. Seeing the three of them together as a family will be both joyful and reassuring. We'll find out more tomorrow about the timing and anner of the birth.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So far so good

no medical emergency with Liam today - trusting and hoping for a birth next week, however it is arranged - just safe for Liam and for Ruth.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Liam has flipped back into a transverse position, so he would need to be born by csection if he doesn't turn head down again before Ruth goes into labor. I hope he does turn, but she doesn't sound scared so I'm trying not to be scared Either way, it sounds like the birth will be choreographed for next Tuesday or Wednesday - unless he just comes before then. Birthday time soon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Four more days

until Liam is officially due! Hard to believe. Hard to breathe. I trust he will be born breathing, thriving, ready to bring home and love.