Sunday, January 25, 2009

Washing baby clothes

I must really believe these babies are coming. I'm washing baby clothes in Dreft now at my house, setting up a baby dresser in my closet, thinking child proofing (not doing it yet, but thinking about what I will have to move once Liam is crawling). Last night there was a oment, standing in the garage with "Tweetie" a baby quilt my mother made for Ruth held to my face, that I alost felt as if I were the one about to give birth. I'm excited.

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Barb said...

woo hoo for baby clothes!

hahaha about the sarcasm. I do tend to be a bit acerbic when I'm grumpy.. or hell.. even when I'm teasing someone I like. Keep that in mind. ;-)

Thanks for the very sweet wishes.