Sunday, September 21, 2008

Twenty weeks (such a nice round ring to it!)

Half way to due date with Sprout - Ruth has been pregnant longer than she is likely to be pregnant with this baby. Wow! And Sprout is estimated to be about the length of a banana, may weigh as much as a pound, and can hear and is likely to cover her/his ears when alarmed by a sudden sound. I remember that with my babies, how they jumped and seem frightened when their was a loud noise in our environment. Bob and I are buying Sprout's stroller as a welcome gift and I am keeping my hands and eyes off little outfits until we have gender identification (at the parents' request because they have enough tiny gender neutral outfits already) I still get scared, still remember Mira with tears, still know how much could go wrong with this baby - but most days I have nurturing cuddly hopeful thoughts - new baby in my arms come winter thoughts. Sweet sweet thoughts!


Jen said...

Hey it's me, from Bridges. I hope all goes well for Ruth and Chris and little Sprout. Having been down that road I know how it can be. I was pregnant with my son five weeks after I gave birth to my stillborn daughter. That was over 16 years ago and while a day still doesn't pass when I don't think about her the pain has moved on.

SeaStar said...

Thank you jen for visiting from Bridges. I can imagine your sorrow at the birth of your stillborn daughter, and the anxiety during your pregnancy with your son. And yes - as a widow twenty years now, happily remarried, I understand about thinking of someone every day but stil experiencing a healing from the pain. Life force has a way of coming back. THanks for visiting here. I LOVE your Alzheimer's and story telling links on your blog. What a resource. Thank you.