Friday, October 24, 2008


This would be a sad and difficult month for me if Ruth and Chris had not conceived Sprout - if Liam were not thriving. The babies who were Mira''s contemporaries have been born or are about to be. I'm getting the birth announcements and seeing the pictues and that is wonderful - precious every one. Within a week or two I probably will have gotten to hold at least one of these babes in my arms (and I won't ever get to hold Mira). I'm wondering tonight how this time would be in my life, in the life of our family if she had lived and been born healthy. But I am not weeping, because Liam is thriving, Ruth and Chris are thriving - and feeling hopeful is easier than weeping. Still, I am very accutely aware that this could have been a very happy month, or a very sad one.

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Ruth said...

I'm touched you wrote some of the things I am thinking and feeling (and have been far too busy to write). I look forward to blogging again now that Aly's wedding is over but still haven't reached a decision about how much Mira stuff I should include in Liam's blog... I'm glad it's here either way