Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Explanation and Beginning

I'm starting this blog tonight, as May begins - month of hope for fertility. The story I'm chronicling really began years ago when it became clear that my younger daugher and her husband weren't getting pregnant easily. She started using the word "infertile" and I winced every time in the beginning. I didn't want word to fit them. My own parents had been infertile and had adopted me after ten years of trying - obviously without benefit of modern medical techniques.

The story picked up speed in January when, out of the blue, my daughter found herself pregnant - apparently miraculous, an "oopsies!" pregnancy none of us believed possible. Her pregnancy ended in March at thirteen weeks (just the right side of safe) because the baby, a little girl they named Mira Abigail, simply died. Autopsy results don't tell us why.

I've been journaling all along - privately and on my general blog, "And Now" at Since I discovered "Lost and Found Connections Abound" right after Mira died, I've found comfort here and have wanted to participate more actively by sharing my blog. I've wondered if other parents/grandparents/sisters/brothers/friends read - other secondary mourners. I would love to share support with some of you.


SarahSews said...

Thank you for sharing. Your posts brought this pregnant infertile to tears today. I know my mom was so very sad when our super surprise pregnancy ending in miscarriage last year. Luckily for us, we went on to get pregnant again (another super surprise) and that pain has been eased by a new hope. I hope your daughter and her husband have success again soon.

Amy said...

Welcome and thank you for sharing. I am sorry for the loss of your granddaughter, Mira. I know if it hadn't been for my own Mom, I never would have made it to where I am today. I know your daughter and son-in-law must truly appreciate all that you do for them.

Wishing you and your family, peace along this journey.

SeaStar said...

Thank you for Sarahsews and Amy for a warm and sweet welcome to this community. Sarah, I'm so glad you are pregnant again, and Amy - glad you have a supportive mom. Wishing bout you and everyone else here peace.

Barb said...

What a caring Mother and Grandmother, wonderful blog, and wonderful idea. Thank you for bringing something like this up.

Beautiful words.

xavier2001 said...

I come via the Lost and Found, I just wanted to say welcome. I hope that your daughter is able to get pregnant again soon and not have to suffer the agony of loss. I am sorry for the loss of your granddaughter

SeaStar said...

Thanks again Mel for including my blog here and thanks to all who have started responding, now, freshly, Barb and Xavier2001. I've been checking and favorite placing the blog of everyon wh writes here - starting to follow each of your journeys, whether you are at a place of mourning, hope, effort, or joy. Life is such a circle - each of us being at such different places at different moments - Peace to all of you.