Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How happy I was (when Ruth was first pregnant)

For perspective and to let you know me a little better - This is the first post I wrote after finding out Ruth was pregnant.

Funny week - Ruth's news about being pregnant is so big that I have trouble thinking of anything else to update people about. Work is good and busy for me. I am thankful everyday that I love what I do for a living.

Ruth's pregnant! (I'm so happy! I'm so thankful! I'm so happy!)

Bob loves what he does too, but its more stressful. He said this weekend that the idea of coming back to teach fourth grade nearer home with all the pressures of getting situated in a new school and initiating programs and handling classroom management without the wonderful support he has in his current school feels daunting and I think he's right and its best for him not to try it. He's still considering trying to come back to teach high school math which worries me because though I have great faith in Bob, he hasn't taught high school, and I worry that classroom management would be worse there without the dearness of the younger kids and the support of teachers and administrators who like, respect and care about him already.

Right now Bob's entering the painful push to get the kids ready for TAKS tests, especially writing, which comes first. The No Child Left Behind thing really doesn't seem to work and just creates pressure for an approximation of learning, more than real learning. I think Bob was one of the last people (especially teachers) I know who thought it had some merit and helped some kids. I trust we'll elect a Democrat for President and the TAKS tests will join myriad other failed and abandoned programs. I hope the education programs which come best work better.

Ruth's pregnant! (I wonder what school will be like when that kid reaches school age.)

I'm wishing hard that the Democratic candidates would all avoid trying to make each other look bad.

Ruth's pregnant! (I wonder what the state of the world will be for this grand child.)

All the grand kids are a delight and each is learning and progressing. K.K. has really wowed her jazz and tap teachers and is loving those variants on dance, though still spending most of her hours in ballet. She is about to get her pointe shoes. Zachary is writing his name and other letters better each week and seems to have gotten used to focusing on that kind of learning, and Danny is learning steadily and happily.

Ruth's pregnant! (I wonder what that grandchild will be like - what strengths, accomplishments, challenges.)

The temperature is staying right above freezing here and it feels colder because its gray and windy, but I don't much feel the gloom because Ruth's pregnant.

Hope all is well with you.

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