Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where we stand now - gathering strength

Last Sunday - just as Passover ended, we had a sweet seder with Ruth and Chris (a week late I know but we aren't super traditional and they waited for me to get back from my travels). They made wonderful food and Ruth's haggadah - that she wrote - all the prayers customized, rang as true as ever. I had trouble holding my tears back several times, when I imagined how this seder would have been if Ruth had still been pregnant, abstaining from wine, showing - glowing. I kept wishing it was appropriate still to lean over and kiss her belly.

Ruth took her second dose of clomid the day of the seder. She even put it on her supper plate so she wouldn't forget. THey are hoping again. Trying again. Scared and aware that given infertility they want to start again trying NOW. I hate it that they can't just have babies easily. They will be such good parents. I don't want them to suffer loss again. I respect them for trying again and for standing strong with each other.

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