Thursday, June 5, 2008


Ruth had an ob appointment today, supposedly to see if the pregnancy is uterine and maybe to see a heartbeat on the sonogram - but her belief that it was too early was right. The doctor miscaluculated and sent them home (after charging them). THen Ruth started having back pain and cramping and was feeling faint started worrying about an ectopic pregnancy, was told by the doctor's office that it didn't sound like she was in danger, got an apology phone call from the doctor, and now is feeling better physically. I'm scared. I don't want to fear everything will go wrong and can't trust everything will go right. I do trust Ruth will go to the ER if symptoms worsen so I'm not really scared for her life, just worried that this dream will blow apoart now or any other moment during the next eight months - such a fragile dream.


Ruth said...

I am taking this seriously and I will seek help if I need it. It's a delicate line though--knowing that there is so little they can do for most anything that could go wrong in the next several months.

And I am being (mildly) monitored. I'll go in for blood work tomorrow morning and then in three days to get a comparison. Those results should give us SOME information (about viability/growth and possibly location).

SeaStar said...

Good - I'm glad you are getting blood work. There is little that could be done to save the babe at this point, but your health and life can be protected, especially if it is ectopic, I think.

Ruth said...

They really don't seem to think that an ectopic could hurt me at this point (which still startles me because I've always heard of them as being seriosuly life threatening!)

Still I worry about the fertility isses even if it wouldn't hurt ME per se. We have had enough trouble with TWO tubes--I don't want to cut my options in half!

SeaStar said...

I so much this pregnancy is where it belongs - and no you don't need more fertility issues.