Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mira Moment

Last winter, about this time, when Ruth was pregnant with Mira, K.K. her beloved way ore than just a niece, then eleven, purchased a little sock elephant to give to Ruth for Mira at the baby shower. Precious little elephant, that comes withthe standing joke that Grandma (me) was dumb enough to initially think it was a mouse. After Mira died, K.K. agonized about what to do with the elephant, who then resided in my dresser drawer. When Ruth became pregnant withLiam, K.K. still agonized - not sure whether this elephant could belong to a different baby - especially a BOY baby. She had looked forward to being a big girl cousin care giver to a little girl like her auntie was to her. She decided though, to give the elephant to Liam - and did so, first happily - then just disolving into tears in Ruth's arms. We all miss Mira. We all always will.

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