Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The calm before

It is literally the calm before here - big storm expected during the night and baby Liam in the morning. I feel calm - which is probably all a defense mechanism, but I'll take it. I plan to get off the computer earlier than usual, watch some taped news shows on TV (Bill Moyers' Journal, NOW) and do some crafting - then go to bed early. Last night I felt calm, but just kept putting off going to bed - which was dumb. More self discipline in order tonight. Tomorrow night I'll share my first encounter with sweet Liam.

I've been thinking of Mira ore lately as her brother's birth approaches and as we see the very first pale signs of springtime. She died at redbud time last year, and the redbuds are still dormant this year, but I'm seeing a few blades of grass, white blossoms on the earliest fruit trees. Mira didn't blossom. We loved, wanted her so. Now her brother is almost opening bud in our hands - almost. Even after birth life is delicate. I knew that before Mira, but she reminded me.

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