Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More on the birthday boy

Liam is absolutely gorgeous - sweet. six pounds 3 ounces, I think. He has dark hair , a little more of it, and slightly deeper skin tone than Joanna's babies, All systems go Ruth and Chris both look great and the whole family is getting what looks like super care at the birthing hospital they chose. Joanna (newly and delightedly Auntie Jo Jo) and Bill Woodburn and Ruth's good friends Brynn and Todd visited shortly after Liam was born - stayed a bit - then let them all rest. I am overwhelmed with feeling now - joy delight relief. What a beautiful ittle family they make. Joanna and I had lunch at Super Salad and then she brought me to lunch, where I hope I will function adequately and not get up and dance in the middle of somebocy's serious session. Jo has an obstetrician's appointment right now, but expects it to be routine. We figure Andrea will come when she comes.


Sue said...

I can feel the joy radiating from your words and Ruth's. I am so overjoyed for all of you and cannot wait to see pictures of your new beloved long awaited grandson.
Funny you mentioning getting through afternoon counseling sessions that are suppose to be serious and about your client/patient. I was thinking about that. I could NOT do it. LOL. I was too full of joy as I'm sure you are.

Sue said...

Don't blink I advise this AM. Emily is all over the floor, her crib. What am I going to do with a mobile baby? LOL

Cassandra said...

Congratulations to the whole family!!!