Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fifth Day of Life and Beginning to end this Blog

Liam is in his fifth day of life! Amazing. He was a mystery a week ago, and now he is still much of mystery, so much still to unfold - but I've held his hands and kissed his hair, nuzzled into the hollow of his neck. He went through a whole sleep wake cycle yesterday in Bob's arms and another in K.K.'s. I held his hands and cooed at him while he cried through a diaper change. I put one sleeper in the dirty clothes hamper and brought another sleeper downstairs. In short, he's home, healthy, here and I got to help take care of him and it doesn't get much better than that.

I started this blog to chronicle my mixed feelings of hope, anxiety, and grief when Ruth became pregnant with Liam soon after Mia's death. Grieving one grand baby while hoping for the safe birth of another was a definite passage, chronicled here now. It seems this blog has served it's purpose with Liam's safe arrival. I think I will keep it open until March 11, the anniversary of the day Rt uh began to bleed so heavily with Mira - a month after Liam's birthday. There seems a balance there.


Mary said...

Though I have not commented in this blog, I have read it...your words and thoughts noted. I wonder what you plan to do with the words in this blog when you close it. It seems sad to lose the words.

Barb said...

I understand your decision. Seems fitting. And I do hope you keep a copy of it for yourself.

And I really hope you stick around the blogosphere!

Victoria said...

I'll print out the blog contents and keep them - share a copy with RUth and Chris. And Barb and others, I have another blog which is more general in content I'll keep that one open and may start a grandma blog about the kids in my life.