Sunday, February 22, 2009

Liam Chaim

William Chaim,
son of Ruth,
son of Chris,
I wish you
awe in face of wonders great and small,
beaches, butterflies, ball games
dreams that come true, dreams that don't,
friends, family, freedom,

William Chaim
child of light,
child of life,
I wish you
health,happiness, humility,
kindness, kisses, kinship,
love all your lifetime
magic moments, memories,
nights of peaceful sleep.

William Chaim,
child of wonder,
child of peace,
I wish you
openness of heart, mind, spirit,
problems to solve,
questions to ponder,
rest between achievements,
satisfaction in solutions
tenderness, trust,
victory, more often than defeat
work well done
excitement in everyday life
yearning to make a difference
zany zigzagging hope.

Liam Chaim,
child of our circle,
may you be a blessing.
May each of us here
be a blessing to you.
day in, day out,
dark times and bright
in love, moment by moment
as many days as we live.

Victoria Hendricks -
For Liam Chaim's naming - February 21 2009


Sue said...

Victoria thank you for sharing these beautiful words.

Mary said...

Wonderful, wonderful poem for Liam. He is so blessed already by you and others who love him!

Barb said...

He will cherish this forever.