Wednesday, May 28, 2008

another hope?

Ruth had spotting today - implantation bleeding? Tomorrow is the first day she can take a pregnancy test for this first try after Mira. We aren't talking about it much. I hugged her tonight when they came over to watch a movie (The Great Debaters is wonderful) and I didn't want to let go of her - just wanted to rock and rock her. I don't want her to go through a roller coaster ride of losses - and I wish I could just hope she's pregnant and trust that if she is this one will keep. I want to love her and Chris as they best need to be loved. At this point just hanging out together when they choose seems right. I treasure every minute with them.

Heidi and Joe went to a favorite beach today She has bone biopsies tomorrow. in that situation too, I walk a razor's edge - not wanting to say too much or too little or the wrong thing - loving and not wanting to over dramatize or ignore.


Barb said...

It sounds like you're doing a wonderful job. That's exactly what my Mom does.

SeaStar said...

Thanks Barb. Does your Mpm blog on this topic? I think it would be helpful to share with other mothers of young women dealing with infertility.