Friday, May 2, 2008

Trying not to worry like a Jewish mother

is a trick when you are a Jewish mother. Ruth is sick with strep for the second time since Mira died. I think she'll be fine, now that she finally has an antibiotic, but she does seem to be run down - from the pregnancy and loss I think and from the grief. Also very frustrating for her to be sick when ovulating, wast of a chance an a new pregnancy.

I had a poignant moment today. I went to a shop near my office to buy a few greeting cards and wandered into a new room of the shop to fincd a magnificent display of fancy baby clothes - mostly little girl clothes - everything smocked, embroidered, peach, and green and soft - all the things I would have loved to be buying for Mira about now. I didn't cry. I did stay and look at the clothes and imagine that I might be shopping soon for another new baby - another sweet possibility.

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Ruth said...

I keep having these experiences too--last week I even walked by a display of gorgeous little onsies all embroidered with the words "Daddy's little Miracle" (so perfect for Mira who's daddy picked her name because it sounded like miracle and who's middle name means "daddy's delight").

Today I got the birth announcemnt (complete with adorable pictures) of my good friend Val from ACC's first baby and the 1st birthday pictures from the other member of our threesome, Elizabeth's, son's birthday.

I don't cry either. I try to stay focused on all the good and bright and cheery.... and most days it works.