Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sweet with a sad shading

describes our Mother's Day celebrations today. Ruth and Chris went kayacking this morning, first time since Mira died. They love kayacking, and I hear sparkle and energy in Ruth's voice when she talked about getting ready to go out on the river. After their adventure, during which they founda lovely photo shot spot involving wild hill country beauty and a random chunk of pink granite, they came to our house for a lunch. They brought the take-out from a favorite Mexican reataurant and a bottle of blackberry wine. I set the table fancy. I gave Ruth my Mother's Day present to her in memory a Mira. They use the dragonfly as a symbol for Mira and so I bought her a piece of dragonfly yard art - named it "the Mirafly" and both of them picked up the language. Memorials are sad, but there is a sweetness even when we should be waiting for Mira not memorializing her.


Barb said...

It sounds beautiful and like you really know how to do right by your daughter.

What a wonderful memorial.

SeaStar said...

Thanks for your comment Barb. I just read your blog and am glad you were able to brighten your mother's day yesterday. I wonder what your nephew had in store for her. And I send empathy about the difficulty of living with infetility on Mother's Day - and every day.