Friday, July 11, 2008


I don't like the elevenths of months - four months today since Mira died and Ruth is ten weeks (or in the tenth week - pregnancy math is confusing) with Sprout. She wore a beautiful loose green smock top to K.K.'s performance today, not really showing in clothes but dressing pregnant and beautiful - and I thought how much bigger she'd be if she were still pregnant with Mira. I'll always wonder about that little girl - who she would be in my arms and in her life. And I'm so happy that Sprout's little life is started and keep hoping all will continue to go well.

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Ruth said...

I think it's funny you think that top is "dressing pregnant" I laughed when they came into style when I was pregnant with Mira--thinking they were so fortunately timed (and then thinking it was hillarious watching all the tiny little wafe-ling teenagers parade around in their high-fashion which looked maternity to me!)

I wonder about Mira too--it's definately hitting me that I should be more pregnant (I should be 23 weeks not 10!) I've been pregnant far too long not to show!

I'm happy about Sprout though, not looking at what "should" be as much as focusing on what is (and hoping it stays).

I love that this is blog-worthy for you!