Monday, July 28, 2008

hoping and remembering

Ruth and Chris are on vacation with us, so last night she let me listen to Sprout's heart beat on the doppler for the first time - like a frisky pony thundering behind the steady loping beat of Ruth's own heart such a joy. And then Ruth and Chris and Bob and I had at least an hour of happy discussion of choices regarding stroller systems, nursery colors, and baby clothes. Ruth looks great and is feeling good, fewer smell and food issues as she enters her second trimester. And we are happy and excited about this baby - AND I keep remembering August 1 is day 90. Mira died on day 90. as a symbol for Mira. Ruth and Chris use the dragon fly Beautiful dragon flies flit about the deck where we are visiting and every time I see one, I think of Mira and how she should have been born in September, and won't be - and I feel sad about Mira and thankful for Sprout. On one level it will mean nothing when Sprout has lived longer than Mira did. And yet, that feels like a milestone - Ruth and Chris entering uncharted pregnancy territory.


Mary said...

How exciting that you were able to listen to Sprout's hearbeat... I am sure it will be a wonderful milestone when Sprout passes Day 90. I am anxious to know whether Sprout will be a boy or girl!

SeaStar said...

Thanks for commenting Mary. It will be several more weeks before we know Sprout's sex. There is a slim chance we will know that he is a boy (turtle sign - the presence of little penis on the midAugust sonogram, but confirmation of a girl takes longer since absence o visible male genitalia is not as definitive as presence of mail genitals.