Sunday, July 6, 2008

Probable Names

It is wonderful to see Sprout more real since the sonogram and the heart beat on Doppler. Names are out there for possible use - of course could change, but I like imagining this little one by name. William James or Liliana Abigail or Liliana Jean - sweet names all.


Ruth said...

We think it's funny that the babe is Lia or Liam.... do we see a theme?

I love how involved you are. Sprout is lucky already to have a grandma like you!

SeaStar said...

Yes, I thought about the Lia, Liam parallel too. Do you know that your friend Bill was Will as a boy. I didnt know that until recently.And I'm so blessed to have you for my daughter and Chris for your love and the father of Lia(m) to be.