Wednesday, July 23, 2008

maternity pants

Ruth bought her first pair today! I remember buying my first pair of maternity pants when I was pregnant with Joanna, and a little top with strawberries on it. Hope is sparkling, sparkling here.


erez said...

Maternity pants.
Fisherman pants as a maternity pants.Because the butterfly and fisherman’s pants sit low on the waist, they don't interfere with the Mother’s growing belly ~ They feel so feminine, you will still feel quite sexy all the way through your pregnancy.

SarahSews said...

Ah yes, maternity clothes! Such a right of passage. Hope she is feeling well.

SeaStar said...

Thanks for the suggestion erez, I'll send it on to Ruth and thanks Sarah for your continueing reading of this blog and commenting. Ruth seems to be feeling quite well, fewer food and smell isssues - and just so delighted that all is going well so far. There were already warning signs at this point with Mira, though we were told truthfully by the Ob that many women spotted and they and their babies did fine. So far so good though.