Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 90

This is Day 90, the day Mira died. I'm home in Texas and Ruth and Chris are still up in cool Washington, much better location for a pregnant daughter. I'm anxious tonight, checking and rechecking Ruth's blog for entries, trying to assume Sprout is alive still. They do have the Doppler with them to check. I know there's no magic in passing day 90, no guarantee, but it does seem significant. I find myself reliving the days right after Mira dies, the sorrow I felt then and the desire to ease her parents' pain - such hard days.


Ruth said...

All is well. (No spotting or anything!)

SeaStar said...

So good RU - so good. I just want to wrap you and Sprout and Chris all three in my arms and rock you - onward to new territory! I think it's incredibly sweet that Joe bought Baby Bottom Butter for Sprout.