Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blessings for Sprout

Ruth wrote a wonderful blessing for her children back when they started trying to conceive five years ago. She posted it on her blog, today. It, and the beautiful Fred Small blessing Bob added in the comments section inspired me to write my own blessing for Sprout, really for all the grand kids born and unborn. My blessing is based on the teachings of my mentor and teacher Dorothy Satten about the basic rights of children, and on Abraham's destiny to "go out and be a blessing."

Blessing for Blooming

May you rest, feeling safe
confident you are welcome
cherished, protected,respected.
May you trust that you belong.

May you thrive, trusting
knowing we see your needs
and seek to meet them
as reality and reason permit.

May you grow, daring
to claim your personality
trusting us to trust you.
May you separate in strength.

May you explore, knowing
we honor you as you are
support your dreams and path.
However different from ours.

May you touch the divine
in your way, on your terms,
feeling infinite connection
with power beyond understanding.

May you delight in loving
and being loved, your way,
rich in intimate connection,
needed needing giving receiving.

May you know we celebrate
you for unique, precious self.
and sure of this, may you go forth
in love, not ego, to be a blessing.

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