Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NOT a nightmare phonecall

Last night about midnight, as I was climbing into bed, the phone rang. Turned out it was Bob sweetly wishing me goodnight. We had talked earlier so I wasn't expecting his very loving bedtime call. I panicked when the phone rang and relived answering the phone the night Ruth called from the emergency room bleeding, the night before Mira died. I talked with both Ruth and Chris on the phone in the middle of that terrible night, both of them brave and composed and shaky sounding. Last night nothing terrible happened. I was reminded one more time how sweet and fragile life as we know it is.


Barb said...

That last sentence.. so true.

SeaStar said...

Glad to see you're still reading here Barb. Best to you.

Mary said...

The ringing of a telephone late at night CAN be so scary, especially if one is already asleep....even when it eventually turns out to be a pleasant call.