Monday, August 4, 2008

Sprout, The name

It's funny how, as I get less scared about Sprout, (Though much can still go wrong at least death can't come exactly as it did to Mira and that's something) I find myself having more ordinary thoughts about this pregnancy. One such thought is that, though Ruth doesn't know it, "Sprout" is one of the many nicknames my Daddy, who loved terms of endearment, called me as a little girl - right up there with "Little Squirt". It always pleases me when patterns unintentionally repeat.


Ruth said...

I like things like that too--and I think I actually remember being a Sprout as well (and Grandaddy talking about me sprouting during my many growth spurts). I certainly remember squirt.

SeaStar said...

It's odd Ru - how I forget that you have very real memories of my Dad - much more than of your own daddy. He lived until you were wo much older. I never thought of it that way. Of course you remember his terms of endearment, aimed directly at you.