Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy but not complacent

Ruth and Chris ares slowly starting to buy things for Sprout. They bought a darling, hilarious and probably very soft stuffed animal (composite, primary colored, manyfooted, named Sir Galumpalot) while they were in Seattle. I laugh at the beastie's picture and Chris' play threat to claim the soft one for himself. And I am so relieved that Ruth and Chris are in a stage of being able to laugh, play, hope, even start to plan a little. And every time I hear of another pregnancy loss, another very premature birth, a pregnant om with severe complications, I stop breathing. My spiritual discipline is to say a prayer for that person, that family, those circumstances - and then tell myself with gratitude "That isn't us, today." and go back into the discipline of living fully in the moment, which at this moment is good.

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