Friday, August 22, 2008

Crazy hopeful Grandma

After a long work week, here I sit at the computer, waiting up for the ticker on Ruth's pregnancy blog to jump to week sixteen. Now I now that's nuts. I'm doing it anyway. She's starting back to work after school summer vacation and that scares me. I want to wrap her in cotton batting until this baby is born full term and healthy. And she's fine and there are no warning signs of any kind and loving is all I can do.

OK, the gimo is up - sixteen weeks - in reach of quickening. Grow Sprout, grow!

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Lori said...

Hi, Sea Star. I'm here from Crystal's blog. You asked her a question in a comment, and since I've been helping her on some of the technical pieces, I can answer your question.

You are welcome to use the Bridge image. I created it at It's a great place to merge images and text.

Thanks for your interest in our story.